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Innovation Days

21. November 2018 08:00 - 23. November 2018 17:00


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Are you a student that has an innovative and entrepreneurial mindset? Do you want to help shape the digital technology of the future? Then you should join the Innovation Days Rheintal. Pitch your idea and prototype your solution in 48 hours.

On Wednesday evening you are invited to pitch your idea. You'll team up with engineering, design and business students to move from idea to prototype. The best solutions have a chance to collaborate with our company partners and to receive compelling incentives.

Sign up today and stay tuned for more information about our innovation challenges!

Why participate?
Gain experience: Innovation is something you get better by doing it. This is your opportunity to gain hands-on experience by solving novel challenges.
Learn with others: You will work with a team of with different skillsets and mindsets to push come up with innovative solutions.
Create opportunities: Interact with companies to explore career opportunities and build your network. The best solutions will receive support from the company partners to make their ideas happen.

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